Cph.Tango Festival

Copenhagen Tango Festival 4-8maj 2016


 Cph. Tango Festival take place from May 2016

We are always ‘using’ the Thursday holyday: Ascension Day (día de Ascensión).
 The Tango Festival 2016
The Copenhagen Tango Festival is organized by Tangoforeningen: Copenhagen Tango Society which is financially supported by its members through an annual quotta payment. All work within the organization is voluntary, including all organizers. The festival aims to be a non commercial festival, which means, in terms, that the objective of the festival is not to make profit. But to make the best possible festival without loosing money.


The volunteer meeting about Copenhagen Tango Festival 2016 is in April and begin at.19:00, in the Kulturhuset Indre By, Charlotte Amundsen Plads 33.  Here we tell all about Copenhagen Tango Festival 2016 and the tasks relating to the conduct of the festival.
We need many active which helps in both the Culture Inner City and in Kedelhallen Frederiksberg build the festival. Throughout the tango festival, we also in need of people who ensure that the festival is progressing well, day by day
Would you like to lend a hand this year, so come and join us.
Stay tuned !


General Tango Festival Program

Registration and sale of milongapass and workshops