Om Tangoforeningen



TheTango Association brings together people fascinated by Argentine tango, the dance and the music.

The Tango Association (TF) was founded on 3. October 1998 and has currently 400 member´s.
The aim of the TF is to increase the awareness of tango – the dance, as well as the music – for all who want to learn more about the Argentine tango and – the music tradition and also for those who want to participate in the many activities and events of the TF.

The TF arranges a 5-day annual festival in May: Copenhagen Tango Festival – with foreign tangoinstructors, tango shows, DJs and live music, and afternoon- and evening milonga´s.
In addition to Copenhagen Tango Festival, the association organizes tango introduction courses with dj´s, is hosting a Practica every Sunday afternoon, as well as monthly Tango Matinee´s followed by a Tangosalon.
Furthermore, the TF promotes movie´s, concerts with tango music and arranges milongas for members, including the popular International Tango Day Milonga on the December each year and this year 2018- the 20 years anniversaire for the Tango Association ;)
 The TF issues an electronic newsletter on coming events, including practical information and the current list of milonga´s.